GREEKTOYS: animated series that will steal your heart!


Lilly, Philon and Valios are ancient greek toys located today in the Archaeological museum. They are the main animated characters of the children series Greektoys. Once you meet them, you will be amazed!

We met the creators of the series, Sofia Pavlaki (Producer) and Luis Santos (Director), founding members of “Magikos Fakos” team.

Since 2008 that Magikos Fakos team has been founded, has created the short animation films “Sappho”, “Oneironauts” and “Nightmare after Christmas”, which have participated in several film festivals; Athens International Film Festival, Naoussa Film Festival, AnimFest, ChrashFest and other international festivals.

– What is the objective of Greektoys?
– Our challenge is to create a greek 3d series for children aiming to present in an fun and amusing way the greek cultural heritage.

– When are going to release the first episodes?

– “The spinning top” is the first episode and it has already been completed, while we are currently working on the next two: “Valios in Olympic Games” and “Kon’nichiwa Valios: Trip to Japan”.

Once you meet Lilly, Philon and Valios, you will never forget them!

Eικόνα από το Greektoys

Eικόνα από το Greektoys