Daily life in ancient Athens

Daily life in ancient Athens

Can you imagine why a family was pinning olive leaves to the front door of a house in ancient Athens? How boys and girls spent their time and what were their toys? How was women daily life? How men were preparing for war? What were the customs of marriage?

Αττικό μελαμβαφές κουδουνάκι. 4ος αι. π.Χ.

Daily life in ancient Athens. Cycladic Art Museum.

Answer to the first question is that the family was announcing the birth of a baby boy. When a girl was born, then they used to pin some sheep’s wool to the front door. You may find the answer to the other questions by visiting the Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens. The permanent collection regarding daily life in ancient Athens is located on the 4th floor of the main building of the museum. Visiting the exhibition is like having a virtual journey into the world of antiquity. At the exhibition you may see ancient artifacts, but also you may view two short films which give visitors the opportunity to visualize and understand many aspects of everyday life in ancient Athens.

A total of 142 artifacts from the Classical and Hellenistic periods present the following topics:

  • Gods and Heroes
  • Eros
  • Marriage
  • Women activities
  • Athletics
  • Symposium
  • In the Athenian Agora
  • Warfare
  • Caring for the dead

The life of a man in ancient Athens is presented in the first film. From birth to childhood, then education and sports, military training, marriage preparation and departure to war.
The theme of the second film is the death of the young man in the war and how his relatives pay him the customary honors at his funeral.

Greektoys Children’s Revolution® visited the exhibition. For Athens visitors, we recommend a visit to Museum of Cycladic Art. Here we share with you some exhibits that truly impressed us. Enjoy!


Source: Museum of Cycladic Art


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