Lights, camera, action and Encardia!



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Encardia meets Greektoys in the new episode of the animated series! Greektoys travel to Southern Italy, where they meet ancient greek toys and Griko language! Griko is a language spoken in the Greek-speaking villages of Southern Italy.

“Calimera Valie” episode presents in the most amusing and pleasant way for children the cultural heritage of Greek-speaking areas of Southern Italy, known as Magna Graecia, as well as the continuation of the Greek element and tradition from ancient times to today.

How do we plan to achieve this? With music, songs, ancient myths and tarantellas combining animation together with live action! Best partner in this mission could not be else but the Greek musical group Encardia that offered their magic, music, and songs to accomplish this purpose!

What is amazing about Encardia is not only their energy, beautiful music, talent and special contact with the audience. In simple words, what is the most amazing about Encardia is their cultural and artistic work, which preserves the musical tradition and dialects of Greek-speaking villages of Southern Italy and they present them to greek audience.

Encardia meets Greektoys 003Encardia is the name of a Greek musical ensemble focused at and inspired by the rich musical tradition of Southern Italy. Their amazing and most energetic music collective creates and performs original music as well as traditional music of the region that Greek and Italian cultures mix. The group was formed in 2004 and has performed more than 1400 live concerts in Greece and in other countries as France,Germany, Algeria, Italy, Cyprus. They have collaborated with the most important representatives of the Southern Italian musical tradition in album recordings as well as in live performances (G. Avantiaggiato, R. Licci, Daniele Durante, C.Villani, E. Magnolo, E. Castagna, Ghetonia, Mala Lingua and many others). They have also performed with well-known Greek fellow artists such as N. Portokaloglou, A. Bakirtzis, F. Delivorias, K. Thomaides, V. Lekkas, C. Tsiamoulis, A. Ioannides, N. Xidakis, Klaudia Delmer, the Symphonic Orchestra of the Municipality of Athens and many others.

In March 2012, the documentary film of Angelos Kovotsos about “encardia”, called “encardia, the dancing stone” won the prestigious Audience Award in the 14th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival and has been projected in other Festivals abroad. Discover more about Encardia in their pages encardia.gr , Encardia Facebook


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