From Ancient Greek Toys to Greektoys

Greektoys participated in the first scientific conference “Use of new technologies in the educational process” of the Postgraduate Program “Educational Sciences – Education Using New Technologies” of the Department of Primary Education, Faculty of Humanities of University of the Aegean.

Subject of our participation was Greektoys work and projects, as well as the importance of using new technologies to create educational material for kids.

You can watch our video with the presentation highlights:

What is Greektoys about? That was the first part of the presentation. Greektoys is an educational project focusing on the following main areas: creating the animated series “Greektoys”, writing articles and research related to ancient greek toys, writing music and creating the 3D-virtual museum where models of ancient greek toys are exhibited. Greektoys aims to teach children the cultural heritage of Greece and other countries in amusing way.

Second part of the presentation was to project the episode “Valios and treasure of Griko”, which was used as an example to explain the methodology how to develop the animation shorts. Basic steps are: selection of subject, research, contact and advice from teachers and finally, testing. Next comes the technical part, with use of software and new technologies. Open and free software is used to develop Greektoys (Blender, Audacity, Gimp, Sketchfab).

3D model of Kasta Tomb of Amphipolis and 3D-virtual museum of ancient greek toys developed by Greektoys were presented as examples of the use of new technologies for educational purposes.


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