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Drawing ancient toys Valios Lily

New Greektoys Episode!

Greektoys is proudly announcing the start of a new journey;  a new episode is coming! Destination: educational and safe entertainment for kids! During the production of the episode, you will be able to follow the progress of our work via our page. A new beautiful adventure begins! Join […]

Daily life in ancient Athens

Daily life in ancient Athens Can you imagine why a family was pinning olive leaves to the front door of a house in ancient Athens? How boys and girls spent their time and what were their toys? How was women daily life? How men were preparing for war? […]


Magikos Fakos is pleased to announce you the title of Greektoys new episode. And the title is “Twinkle twinkle crazy star!” Inspiration for the new episode is the traditional Greek version of the classic children’s lullaby “Twinkle twinkle little star”. The song has been adapted with new lyrics […]