Plaggona Project: Reconstructing the ancient greek toys

Ancient doll by greektoys

Plaggona” is the new Greektoys project that will be implemented with the support of the Royal Art and History Museum in Brussels (Royal Museums of Art and History, Cinquantenaire Museum).

This project aims to digitally reconstruct the ancient greek toys. For the first time,we can view the original form of these toys. By using technology, we will approach their original colors and reconstruct their broken pieces, in order to offer a complete picture of the exhibits. In the same form, as when they were kept by children 2500 years ago.

In this first phase of the project, we will work with the collection of exhibits of the Royal Museum of Art and History of Brussels. You can see the photos from the museum’s collection.

Final result will be available online in a digital 3D museum. Audio-visual material will also be created with the exact description of the process.

You can follow the progress of the project via Greektoys page or in facebook.

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