Ancient Greek Toys free e-book!

ancient greek toys book

Ancient Greek Toys free e-book!

Learn more about the ancient greek toys and view their original images in the museums where they are exhibited. Click on the image to free download the English version of e-book “Ancient Greek Toys”

Ancient toys

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Since ancient times the pedagogical value and significance of toys has been established, for the proper physical, mental, cognitive and social development of a child. Through game process, a child uses his imagination to have fun, learn to interact with other children, explore surrounding environments, discover himself and cultivate creativity. Moreover, a child matures and learns to use practical knowledge and skills.

According to Plato, educational toys help children to better prepare for their future profession and their role in society. “And by the use of games one shall strive to turn the tastes and the desires of children to the goal they are to attain in adulthood.”

In ancient Greece there was a great variety of group or individual games, with or without the use of objects. Some of these games are still known to this day as the prisoner’s base, the blind man’s buff (chalki mia), statues (akinitida), knucklebones (pentalitha), hide and seek (apodidraskindra), dolls (plangôns), rattles (platagi) and little horse figurines.

The present guide is an edition based on the articles that have been published in web page. This second version of the e-book has been enriched with more texts, more pictures and new design.

 Download it, print it, share it and promote ancient greek cultural heritage.


Gallery of ancient toys

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